The story of our 3 day journey

We want to thank all those who supported us through donations, prayers and well wishes. We had an amazing time and are excited to share the details of our journey with you all. If you've never read a blog before, read from the bottom up. These are just my ramblings, so if you follow this, when Christine gets home, I think she'll add some of her thoughts as well. If you click "follow" on the right hand side of this page, you will be updated if she posts. Oh, and I am not a talented writer, sorry 'bout that.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll shut up after this

So that about covers the 3 day.  I'm sure I have not come close to doing it justice.  It's amazing.  It's incredible.  It permeates your soul.  As Martha Stewart would say, it's a good thing.  A really good thing.  

And I'm ready for next year.  It's a big commitment, but I've been inspired.  Everytime I think of Kathie, I'm inspired.  Everytime I look into the faces of my amazing girls, I'm inspired.  Everytime I think of those beautiful faces in the remembrance tents, gone way too soon, I am inspired.  Who will inspire you?

I want to do something that shows my children that while they mean the world to me, the world does not revolve around them.  So it's ok if I have to leave them a few nights here and there to train and go away for a weekend for the walk.  They're starting to get it, and they're proud of me.  And that's really cool.  And I'm proud of them too for being willing to give up mommy for just a bit.  Because, as selfish as they can be, they're kids after all, they get that other people need mommy too.  And we've got to find room to serve outside our four walls and our little family.  I hope I can teach them that, but more importantly, I hope I can show them that.

Not sure if we'll do DC or Philly next year, but I'll walk again, hopefully with some of you all.  We'd love to have a big team to go next year.  So, wanna come?  If you do, call me, email me, write me a letter, stop by, whatever, we want YOU!  And we'll help you.  As a team.  A pink team of rockstars.

One last thing.  THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for reading my ramblings.  Thank you for your support.

For all who donated, I could not have done this without you.  Quite literally.  You played just as much a part in this as I did, and I big, puffy pink heart, thank you.  You are rockstars!

For Eric, Emma, Grace and Luke.  Thanks for giving me up for awhile.  Thanks for being proud of me.  Thanks for your patience, encouragement and love.  Thanks for being you and loving me despite who I am.  You are the best.

For Dad, Mom, Aunt Ann, Niki and Terry.  Love you all!  Thanks for taking care of my babies while I was gone.  You made it possible for me to go and I am unbelievably grateful for that.  You are superheroes.

For Ray, love you!  And thanks.  For everything.  For who you were to Kathie and who you are to Eric (and the rest of us too.)  You are a Dad.

To Kathie.  Thank you for the love you gave Eric.  You were an amazing mother.  Thank you for the love and acceptance you gave me.  I'm sorry for all the times I fell short of being the daughter-in-law you deserved.  Thank you for encouraging and inspiring so many.  I wish you could have met Luke, but someday.  We miss you everyday and love you always.  You were nothing short of amazing and we are all better people having known you.

Christine, my pink sister, it was an honor to walk with you.  Love ya bunches!  YOU ALL EVERBODY!

Our God is an awesome God.  Thank you for blessing me with these amazing wonderful people.

And here I bid you all adieu.  Thanks for helping me along this journey.  I'll keep you updated once I start to geared up for the 2011 walk!!! 


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